Trucking News

What a hectic time in trucking! This quarter is always hopping as we approach Christmas and New Year’s. To be honest, being busy is a nice problem to have. As we’ve seen over the past, pandemic defined, year – people in other parts of the economy are not as fortunate. We are in a good position in trucking and we have a lot to look forward to, even with the challenges of COVID.

With all that said, you might have missed some important industry news while going down the road. Here are some trucking news stories that we think you might want to catch up on.

Health & Trucking

No Mask Requirement When Alone in Truck Cabs In Manitoba – Changing Manitoba public health measures have caused some confusion. In recent conversations with the Government of Manitoba, the MTA has confirmed that truck drivers are NOT required to wear masks while alone in the cab of their trucks, as these are not considered public spaces. When outside of the cab, the same rules apply to drivers as they do to the general public.

We have arrived at the ‘Second Wave’ of COVID-19 and truck drivers are STILL on the front lines – “As a second wave of COVID-19 prompts a series of new shutdowns and guidelines, one thing hasn’t changed – truck drivers are still on the front lines. From trouble getting food due to restaurant restrictions, to getting sick themselves, to civil unrest and desolate cities, truck drivers haven’t had it easy in 2020. “

Health Issues In Industry Are Top Priority – “Two of the most concerning items in Manitoba’s trucking industry right now are health related. First, we continue to hear from drivers who are being denied access to medical services, such as dentists, doctors, chiropractic services, and more..” “The other health concern is mental health.”

Dozens of TA restaurants are closing again due to COVID-19 concerns – “Many truckers rely on open dining rooms when they’re on the road for work, but state restrictions are forcing TravelCenters of America to temporarily close their indoor dining options in some areas.”

Truckers feel “forgotten” as pandemic rages on – “When coronavirus concerns first reached the US, truck drivers were at the forefront of public appreciation; now, drivers are saying it seems as if their essential efforts are being forgotten.”

Here’s what you need to know about driving a truck when you’re sick – “The COVID-19 crisis has placed enormous pressure on the trucking industry and members of the trucking community who are tasked with keeping the U.S. supply chain moving in the face of unprecedented challenges — and the arrival of cold and flu season amid a worsening global pandemic could spell trouble for truckers from both a safety standpoint and a legal standpoint.”


Here are the dates for next year’s biggest truck inspection blitzes – “The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced dates for several truck inspection campaigns set to take place in 2021.”

Caring for the Air System That Feeds Your Brakes – “Failure of any component of a brake system could be catastrophic,” says Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) president John Samis, a sergeant with Delaware State Police. “Routine brake system inspections and component replacement are vital to the safety of commercial motor vehicles.”

Ontario unveils plans for northern highways – “Ontario has released a broad transportation plan for northern reaches of the province, highlighting a series of commitments to widen highways, expand truck parking, and more.”

Early ELD analysis shows uptick in certain HOS violations since new regs, dip in 30-min. break flags – “A recent before-and-after analysis of driver logbook data by EROAD shows the preliminary impacts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s revised hours-of-service (HOS) rule on fleets and drivers.”

Truck parking ‘still a major problem in every state’ and worsening, says inventory update – “New comprehensive truck parking survey and inventory results unveiled Dec. 1 show that gains in truck parking space availability over five years have been made in many regions. Yet nationally, growth in truck traffic and parking demand continues to outpace new capacity development, resulting in “increased congestion and competition for parking, particularly in major metropolitan areas,” said Federal Highway Administration Deputy Administrator Mala Parker.”

Free shipping? There is no such thing – “The trucking industry is pushing back on the notion of “free shipping”, calling it a marketing ploy and an insult to those working in the sector.”