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TravelCenters of America launched a new round of updates to its TruckSmart app.
‘To solve this dilemma, we must either lower our goals for system maintenance and improvements, or raise new revenues,’ says Dr. Asha Weinstein Agrawal
New data from federal transportation officials indicates that fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles increased in the first year after the ELD Mandate went into effect — even though traffic fatalities in general went down.
Truck maker Volvo just debuted video of the autonomous electric “Vera” truck performing real world work at a port terminal.
FMCSA is looking for information on available data about loading, unloading and delay times at shippers and receivers; technology that could track detention time; how contracts between carriers and?
There are more than a few ways to cut fuel costs, but there?s no one way to save that works the same for every fleet. However, there are many fuel-saving technologies and tactics that work well across many fleets.
President Trump has initiated another trade war with Mexico, this time tied to curbing illegal immigration. While experts say the initial impact on trucking will be minimal, the effects will become more dire with each passing month if the dispute is not resolved quickly.
Truck Driver, a truck driving simulator game, is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One on Sept. 19 in digital and physical formats.