Trucking News

Lots happening in trucking news! November saw some bad weather all over and we can expect that to continue for some time. Here are some of our favorite things in the news.

Trucking Rules & Regs

TTSAO calls for better instructor standards – “Solid educational certification for instructors, and a supply of qualified instructional staff is vital to the success of the transportation industry and a key ingredient to road safety,” said Charlie Charalabous, director of communication at the TTSAO.

Trucking Law: What works as ‘personal conveyance’? – “You can use a truck to drive your family to church, run to the grocery store or take a fishing trip so long as you are not doing so at the direction of the employer. Determining compliance can be a little more fuzzy, though, when driving to or from shippers or receivers, or the carrier’s terminal.”

NY interstates get more message signs, cameras – Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said the initiative is part of the state’s “proactive approach to managing traffic during heavy snowstorms, extreme weather, vehicular crashes and other events that impact travel.”

Trucking Business

Driver Detention Worsening, say Carriers Polled in Study – Carriers, shippers and brokers agree that driver detention is a major problem in the supply chain, but solving the issue  requires a “delicate balancing act with no side willing to take full blame,” states a report examining the detention issue, released by the Transportation Intermediaries Association in the U.S.

Truck of the future will still run on diesel: panel – “Don’t hold your breath about the end of diesel,” said Rolf Lockwood, Today’s Trucking’s editor at large. “There is no compelling operational reason to get out of diesel at this point. It’s efficient, we know what it is, and we know it works. In 40 years, we will still be using diesel, but maybe not to the full extent we do today.”

Regina bypass opens – The much-anticipated Regina bypass officially opened Oct. 28, comprising 61 km of road, 37 km of which is newly built and 24 km having been upgraded.

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