Trucking & COVID-19

“May you live in interesting times”. That’s an ancient Chinese curse. Uninteresting times usually include peace and tranquillity. Interesting times on the other hand usually include chaos and trouble. The Coronavirus pandemic quickly threw us into “interesting” times.

Life and trucking are different today than a month ago. Changes to our work happen daily, sometimes, within hours. It’s difficult to keep up. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates and news.

Today we’re sharing some of the more significant stories you should know.

Find Truck Parking & COVID Hotspots

Tremble has released an online app to help drivers to find parking and COVID hotspots. Just bookmark the site on your mobile device and access it whenever you’re looking for parking.

Border Crossing

CBSA has new hours at several border crossings. check out the links below

Transport Canada is offering additional guidance for vehicle operators who wear face coverings to help minimize the spread of Covid-19 – The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) recently announced that all essential workers crossing the Canada-U.S. border — including truck drivers — must wear a non-medical mask or face covering. New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania have rules of their own.

Finding Meals

Several fast-food chains are offering walk-up service at their drive-thru’s for truckers. Check their mobile apps and website for availability.

Food Trucks Hit Snags in Securing Permits for Rest Stops – “The “invisible enemy,” as the coronavirus pandemic has been dubbed by President Donald Trump, has disrupted so many routine practices, including shuttering some truck stop eateries. That changed on April 3, when the Federal Highway Administration gave the green light for food trucks to temporarily operate at interstate rest areas during the COVID-19 emergency — seemingly making it easier for a truck driver to find a meal. The problem is it really isn’t that easy to actually get the trucks to the rest areas, according to Matt Geller, president of the National Food Truck Association”

Personal Experiences

It’s easy to get caught up in the pandemic numbers when we watch the news. It’s important to remember that the Coronavirus effects real people, and causes real problems and real anxiety.

How to Manage Anxiety During This Pandemic – Many of us are outside of our normal routine, like working from home, taking care of children, not in school, and social distancing. This can make coping with normal anxiety especially challenging. Here are some tips on how to manage

Truck driver, fleet owner faces isolated surroundings at home – “I can’t see my wife or grandchildren,” he said. “You have to stay away and not be around anybody. That is affecting the families.”

One truck driver’s Covid-19 nightmare – “Folz began feeling ill April 7 while delivering a load in South Carolina. “It wasn’t until the following morning that I started getting worried,” she told Today’s Trucking April 23, just minutes after taking what would be her second negative Covid-19 test, following a positive result from a test taken April 10.”

And on the lighter side

Still no hockey :(