National Trucking Week

Usually, when we think of trucking, we think of trucks and truck drivers. It’s unfortunate that often everyone else in the industry can be a little bit overlooked. Trucking is a team effort and there are many people behind the scenes that help ensure the continued success and operations of not only Len Dubois Trucking, but of the entire industry.

With National Trucking Week coming to an end, we would like to thank our office staff and maintenance team for their continued support and dedication to the fleet, our trucking families, and of course, everyone they share the office with.

So, with that, thank you to the dispatch team and logistics coordinators, the mechanics, the recruiters, the safety and compliance managers, the accountants and payroll clerks, the secretaries, and the warehouse personnel.

Your jobs are high stress and demanding, it goes with the territory. Every day you face new challenges and seize opportunities that help our company grow, create new jobs, and keep our fleet of drivers safe on the road.