National Trucking Week

Janet and I thank you and your families for your hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Trucking is a tough job and it is tough on families. We know this first hand from experience. We appreciate the great work our drivers, office, and shop teams do every day.

How We’re Celebrating

Gifts for Everyone – check your bins when you can, as everyone in the fleet is getting a small token of our appreciation.

Company BBQ – stop by the office on Friday, September 6th starting at noon for our company BBQ. The BBQ is open to all drivers and Len Dubois Trucking staff and their families. Come celebrate!

Some Interesting Facts About the Trucking Industry

  • There are over 3.75 million professional truck drivers in North America, logging over 432 billion miles driven per year; to deliver the goods consumers need every day
  • Trucking companies, warehouses, and private sectors employ over 9 million people in North America in trucking-related jobs
  • Over 268,000 Canadians are truck drivers making it one of the top occupations in the country
  • Figures show that, for every 10 jobs created in the trucking industry, seven jobs are created elsewhere (i.e. suppliers, service industries, road departments, etc)
  • A typical tractor-trailer raises about $45,000 a year in federal/provincial taxes and fees
  • 90 percent of all consumer goods in Canada and 70 percent of all consumer goods in the United States are delivered by truck. The simple truth is, trucking is vital to our economy; remember if you bought it a truck brought it
  • Approximately 400,000 commercial trucks cross the Manitoba/US border each year
  • Most companies spend 95.2% of their revenue on operating expenses. This includes the driver, fuel, taxes and other costs of doing business

People in the trucking industry are vital to our economy and the future of Canada’s economic success. During National Trucking Week, take a moment to stop and thank a trucker.