8 Tips for Driving through Fog

Driving is very much a visual task, so what is a driver to do when the visibility is reduced? The best advice for driving in fog is – don’t, but we all know that just isn’t possible most of the time. So, when you get caught out in the fog, here are 8 tips to [...]

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Get Ready for Operation Airbrake

Brake Safety Week, scheduled for September 16 to 22, 2018, is an annual event run by the CVSA that focuses on brake safety and education. The goal is to reduce the number of highway crashes caused by faulty braking systems on commercial motor vehicles by conducting roadside inspections and educating drivers, mechanics, owner-operators and others on [...]

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Do You Drive Safely Around Semi Trucks?

The Ohio Department of Transportation has launched a new campaign warning motorist that the biggest threat on the road isn’t big rigs, but their own driving habits. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, of all fatal car-truck crashes in the state, only 10-15% were the fault of the trucker, leaving an 85-90% chance that [...]

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Operation Safe Driving Week is Starting Soon

The CVSA is running Operation Safe Driver Week from Sunday, October 15 through Saturday, October 21. During the week, Law Enforcement Agencies throughout North America will engage in heightened traffic safety enforcement and education aimed at combating unsafe driving behaviours. Enforcement officers will be looking for unsafe and distracted driving behaviours of both commercial and [...]

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Facing DOT Inspections

DOT inspections are part of the daily life of a truck driver. Weigh stations and DOT Inspectors should not be feared. If you are running legal, as you should be; your equipment is well maintained and you have done your pre-trip inspection – getting through an inspection should be a breeze. Just as you have [...]

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It’s Construction Season!

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without the sounds and sites of construction zones. Truck drivers and motorists alike all need to know how to travel through construction zones efficiently and safely. Whether you’ve been driving for decades or have just recently earned your license, the tips below will help you get through construction zones [...]

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Safe Driving Practices during Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

As Manitoba drivers, we know how to handle some pretty severe weather while over the road. One thing that we don’t have to deal with all too often is Tropical Storms and Hurricanes. It is Hurricane season, and as our job takes us across the country, even Manitoba drivers should know how to handle themselves [...]

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Speed Limiters: Pros and Cons

As speed limiters continue to be debated, many pros and cons have come forward while the question of how they will impact roadway safety continue to be unknown. Roadway safety is a key component throughout the trucking industry. Everyone wants to be safe, and no one wants to be responsible for creating hazardous or fatal [...]

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Defensive Driving: Stay Alert and Assume Everyone Else is an Idiot

Defensive driving skills can help keep you safe and accident-free while on the roads. While many professional truck drivers have this skill, many of the motorists you share the roadways with don’t. When you maintain your safe driving distance, other’s see it as an opportunity to get into your lane. You are tailgated because people [...]

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