One thing you can say about trucking – it’s never boring. While winter is the time of year for severe weather in Winnipeg and Canada; trucking in the summer presents specific challenges, by weather, in the Midwest and southern east coast of the United States.

Truck drivers need to be prepared for severe thunder storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and flash floods. Each of these present different risks but the best way to protect yourself is through preparation.

Before you start your trip know the possible risks for each region you’ll be travelling. Look online for information recourses such as state severe weather, road, and traffic information.

Pack an emergency kit with a flashlight, portable battery powered radio with weather band capabilities, packs of batteries for flash light and radio, work gloves, and rain slick to keep you dry outside of the truck.

Check weather reports every day. It’s a lot better to get a heads up about bad weather so you can stay out of harm’s way or deal with a possible delay.

As truck drivers, we need to be aware of the dangers presented by severe summer weather and we need to be vigilant about keeping on top of the weather along our route.

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Image courtesy of George Stojkovic