SPring road restrictions in ManitobaOne of the most annoying things for a truck driver is picking up a trailer with a defect. What’s worse is picking up a trailer with a defect which clearly another driver knew about, or should have known about, and didn’t report. It’s hard to say a missing mudflap or blown tire happened after the driver dropped the trailer.

When drivers calculate and plan their trips, plans are blown up right away with an unnecessary delay. It forces them to play catch up, often, for their entire run. Added stress or pressure can be a safety issue. And delays are exacerbated in the winter where drivers often already face delays due to weather and road conditions.

Proper post trips are necessary to prevent costly delays for other drivers. Not only can this delay disrupt delivery times but after hours repair calls come with an inflated price tag. Delays and inflated repair costs add huge dollars to operating costs.

Missing delivery times due to unnecessary negatively affects customer service. In the competitive trucking industry, poor service costs clients.

Proper post trips has affects beyond convenience or not inconveniencing the next guy. Transportation has a lot of moving parts and relies on many professionals doing a good job. When one person drops the ball it affects everyone down the line. Plus it’s nice to show some courtesy to your fellow driver and not leave them a problem which could easily be taken care of before they’re under the load.

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