Picking the right gift can be a time consuming and difficult task. Let us help you find the perfect gift for the trucker on your list with these great gift ideas.

Compact Microwave Oven

A compact microwave oven is a great gift idea for truckers. It will help them save money on the road and provide them with the tool they need to make healthy home-made meals in the truck.

Single Serve Coffee Maker

Don’t let the driver on your list suffer through one more cup of bad truck stop coffee. Grab them a single serve coffee maker and they’ll be your best friend forever!

Portable Grill

BBQ anyone? Drivers can enjoy BBQ even when away from home with a portable grill. It’s small enough to fit in the jump box and easy enough to use just about anywhere.

Audio Book or Pod Cast Subscriptions

Truckers spend many hours travelling down the highway. Audiobooks or podcasts are a great way for drivers to entertain themselves while getting the job done.

Satellite Radio

As an alternative to audiobook and podcast subscriptions, a Satellite Radio can save a driver from hours of boredom.

Dash Cam

Drivers can run into a lot of poor driving as they make their way from delivery to delivery. A dash cam can provide drivers with the means to protect themselves in case of an accident.

Truck Atlas

GSP Devices and Apps are not always reliable, so it’s a good idea for drivers to keep an up to date atlas with them in the truck.

Truck Route GPS

Choose a GPS model that is specifically designed for truck drivers. You’ll want to make sure it covers height clearance information, truck prohibited routes, and up to date maps.

All-Purpose Tool Kit

Let your driver be prepared for any maintenance issue they may run into with an all-purpose toolkit. Tools to have included: socket set, wrench, screwdriver, pliers and more.