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Maximize your earnings with Len Dubois Trucking. Our Owner Operators earn above industry averages with the option to choose between a percentage or per mile contract and an average of 10,000 plus miles per month. Our commitment to exceptional customer service has allowed us to develop relationships with many local companies. This has ensured the continued growth of outbound freight and allows us to keep our fleet of drivers moving. The development of regular lanes gives us the ability to keep you moving with little to no downtime between deliveries and reloads.

Len Dubois Trucking offers above average industry revenue with weekly payouts so you can manage your business effectively. Our goal is to help you maximize your earning potential while maintaining a happy home life.
If it’s time to maximize your earnings apply with Len Dubois Trucking Today.

$2,000 Sign On Bonus

To meet the needs of our regular clients we need Owner Operators. Partner with one of the best trucking companies in Winnipeg plus earn a $2,000 sign on bonus. Contact John and apply today!

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