Len Dubois Trucking Winnipeg trucking company

Myth 1: Dispatchers/Office People Don’t Know What it’s Like to be a Driver

This isn’t the case here at Len Dubois Trucking. Jason Dubois, the President, grew up in a trucking family and was over-the-road early in his career. Plenty of our people in Operations & Dispatch, Safety, and through the management team have OTR experience.

We approach our job as a team and we are aware of the challenges our owner operators and company drivers face.

Myth 2: Every Company Has a High Turnover Rate

Not here! We have an extremely low turnover rate. Most of our owner operators and company drivers have been with us for years and we have owner operators and company drivers that have been with us for over a decade. Check out the driver testimonials below.

Myth 3: There’s No Money To Make In Trucking

I don’t know about other companies but we’re doing a good business over here. As a medium sized company, to be successful, we need to deliver a great service – that means we need great people. Great people don’t usually stick around when they’re under paid.

Our owner operators earn higher than industry average revenue to their trucks and our company drivers earn a competitive per-mile pay, are paid for work they do (pick ups, deliveries, border crossing, etc) plus we have several incentive programs paid monthly.

 Len Dubois Trucking is a family-run Winnipeg trucking company. We have opportunities for quality Owner/Operators and company drivers.

Join our team today.