Len Dubois Trucking is part of the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and FAST (Free and Secure Trade) programs. These programs are partnerships between the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and various parts of our economic supply chain, including the trucking industry, to ensure security and expedite legitimate trade. We are required to adopt and maintain certain processes and procedures to meet our obligations in these programs to secure the supply chain.

We have in place procedures our drivers and owner operators need to follow to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the freight. Owner operators and drivers with Len Dubois Trucking are trained to comply with C-TPAT requirements.

  • Drivers are to witness loading and unloading when permitted by the shipper or receiver. Any discrepancies between the load info provided by dispatch and the freight loaded must be report to dispatch immediately. If the driver is requested to unload in a location other than the location provided in the load info – dispatch must be notified immediately.
  • Any load crossing the border must be sealed immediately after loading (after the final pick up in cases of LTL) with a security seal provided by Len Dubois Trucking.
  • Every trip envelop comes with a Security Driver Checklist Form, which is, an inspection checklist. This list must be filled out completely and properly every time you cross the border with a load. The required information includes:
    • Date
    • Freight Bill #
    • Location (First point of departure) – City of your first pick up.
    • Tractor and Trailer #’s
    • Inspection Checklist
    • Name and Signature of Inspector
    • Loading Point Address
    • Seal #
  • Drivers are trained, as part of orientation, to inspect the tractor and trailer for security. Drivers are looking for evidence of tampering, false walls, or anything unusual secured to the vehicle. Drivers should be checking bumpers, tires, under hood, frame, battery compartments, jump box (keep jump boxes locked), sleeper and cab, farings/roof, fuel tanks, fifth wheel area including skid plate, under side of trailer, trailer walls, doors, and check trailer lock or seal. Report anything suspicious immediately.
  • Drivers are to park in safe well-lit areas.
  • Drivers are required to check around the vehicle every time they return to an unattended truck.
  • Drivers must not allow passengers unless previously authorized.
  • Drivers must maintain confidentiality of cargo contents, pickup and delivery schedules.
  • Drivers do not stop to help disabled vehicles or motorists; they call local authorities for assistance.
  • Drivers must not accept any shipment without a bill of lading or interline carrier pro bill.

Should a Driver notice or suspect a breech, tampering of a seal or unauthorized entry into a tractor or container Dispatch must be notified immediately.

The Driver should via satellite or when not available via telephone provide detailed information on the breech or tampering. This information should include the following:

  • Location breech of security was noticed
  • The time of Day the breech of security was noticed
  • Truck or Trailer – compartments or structure have been tampered with
  • Seal tampered with and whether access to trailer was gained.
  • Take a photograph whenever possible

Dispatch will record this information and contact the authorities in the local area or if on route to border notify the A-TCET.

We take our duties and obligations seriously as a C-TPAT carrier. If our drivers have any questions or concerns they are encouraged to contact dispatch or our driver service manager.

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