Today’s article is the last of the Learn the Lingo: Text Message Abbreviation series. With text messages being such a big part of every truck driver’s and dispatcher’s daily routine it’s important to know some the of most common abbreviations and acronyms. This will help keep your communication clear.

One last note about using text messages to communicate is know when it’s not an appropriate form of communication. If there is a problem with a shipper/receiver, the truck or the load or the communication is going to involve a lot of back and forth questions and answers to resolve a problem it may be best to pick up the phone. A miscommunication could aggravate the situation, which is something that no one wants to be a part of.

Here’s a list of common text message abbreviations to help you communicate better through texting.

  • ABT – About
  • ADD – Address
  • AFAIAA – As far as I am aware
  • AFAP – As far as possible
  • AISB – As I said before
  • AMOF – As a matter of fact
  • ATM – At the moment
  • B4N – Bye for now
  • BIF – Before I forget
  • BYTM – Better you than me
  • CU2 – See you too
  • CUL – See you later
  • CYAL8R – See you later
  • ETA – Estimated time (of) arrival
  • FYA – For your amusement
  • G2R – Got to run
  • H8 – Hate
  • IC – I see
  • IDTS – I don’t think so
  • IMS – I am sorry
  • JC (J/C) – Just checking
  • JLMK – Just let me know
  • KIT – Keep in touch
  • MSG – Message
  • NM – Never mind
  • NVR – Never
  • PLMK – Please let me know
  • PPU – Pending pick-up
  • RLY – Really
  • SRSLY – Seriously
  • TBC – To be continued
  • TTFN – Ta ta for now
  • TTYL – Talk to you later
  • UNBLEFBLE – Unbelievable
  • USU – Usually
  • W/ – With
  • WBU – What about you?
  • W/O – Without
  • Y? – Why?


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