Yeah, a truck driver’s schedule is hectic but that’s no reason to skip breakfast. Maybe you’re not hungry in the morning, still, that’s no reason to skip breakfast. Not only is a good breakfast good for your health, more importantly, it’ll improve your day and you’ll feel great!

Coffee & donuts won’t do for a good breakfast. A simple tasty breakfast of yogurt or oatmeal with fruit is a great way to start your day. Smoothies are portable if you’re in a hurry.

More Energy

We may love our morning coffee but that pick me up doesn’t last all day. Our glucose stores drop overnight and are low in the morning – we have no energy. Our bodies need energy. We need food with nutrients.

Improves Concentration 

Sleeping overnight is the longest period of time our body goes without food. Your brain needs fuel too. Studies have shown a healthy breakfast improves memory, concentration, and attention. These are good things for every truck driver. We can easily make a case that a healthy breakfast is good for safety.

Skipping Breakfast may Increase Your Risk of Stroke & Heart Disease

Studies have suggested that people who don’t eat breakfast are at increased risk of stroke, particularly brain hemorrhage stroke. Also, there is increased risk of coronary heart disease for those who don’t eat breakfast.

Increased Risk of Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes

Eating a good breakfast will help your metabolism and reduce your risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Better Mood

Like we need another cranky truck driver out there. For your own good improve your day by improving your mood by eating a good breakfast.

Studies have shown a link between eating breakfast and being in a better mood. Treat your brain right.

Make Time For a Good Tasty Breakfast

You don’t need to try very hard to find reasons not to eat breakfast. We need to give proper diet importance and make time. Your health and mental well-being should not be the first thing to get cut from your day because of time concerns. Make the time and schedule it into your day. A fruit smoothie or bowl of oatmeal is quick and will improve physiological well-being and you’ll be more effective, and happier, throughout the day.