Whether you like it or not, face masks in trucking are here for a while

Whether you agree with mask-wearing or not, it's been a reality for truckers since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic began.

Don’t Miss a Thing – Trucking News Round Up

In trucking, we make hay when the sun shines. But as some normalcy returns we start to see some familiar things getting more ink in trucking. Inspection blitz, HOS news, and infrastructure have been making headlines.

CVSA Plan Two Driver Blitzes

CVSA had postponed the annual International Roadcheck inspection campaign indefinitely, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which was planned for May 5 – 7. CVSA plans to go forward with Operation Safe Driver Week and Brake Safety Week

Trucking & COVID-19 Stories and Updates

Life and trucking are different today than a month ago. Changes to our work happen daily, sometimes, within hours. It's difficult to keep up.

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