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So it's time to think about what winter months will bring and be prepared for the challenges.Plus, thecn new HOS rules went into effect and we have some useful links below if you're still unsure about how to use them. And we included some fun and silly stuff below for our own entertainment

New US HOS Rules on Sept 29 – What You Need to Know

Sept 29, 2020 the much-anticipated hours of service rule changes come into effect. It's the most substantial rule change in 15 years.

Whether you like it or not, face masks in trucking are here for a while

Whether you agree with mask-wearing or not, it's been a reality for truckers since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic began.

Don’t Miss a Thing – Trucking News Round Up

In trucking, we make hay when the sun shines. But as some normalcy returns we start to see some familiar things getting more ink in trucking. Inspection blitz, HOS news, and infrastructure have been making headlines.

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