Trucking News Round Up

What You Need to Know in Trucking It's been a crazy time for trucking. Of course, it usually is. This industry is always changing and we're affected by major events, such as weather. Here's what we found interesting this week.

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What You Missed in Trucking News – Round Up

Busy week in trucking news. Some good news with Rhode Island not being allowed to ban trucks off certain roads to BC adding free wifi to rest areas. Let's take a look at what you might have missed in trucking news.

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Trucking News You May Have Missed

The new buzz word for the past year has been “fake news.” Trucking is an easy target for reporters who know little about the industry or politicos who want to score points by demonizing trucking and truckers. But is it new? Not really. This is just the latest way to make truckers the boogeyman.

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CVSA Brake Safety Day September 7, 2017

This year’s Sept. 7 Brake Safety Day follows up on CVSA’s May 3, 2017, unannounced Brake Safety Day and replaces the seven-day Brake Safety Week campaign from previous years. More than 3.4 million brakes have been inspected since the program’s inception in 1998.

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Trucking News Round Up

Volvo Trucks´ Collision Warning with Emergency Brake demonstrates one of the industry’s most advanced safety technologies. The system alerts the driver if there is a risk of collision with a vehicle in front, activating the brakes if necessary.

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Round Up Of Trucking News You Should Know

Trucking News From Around The Web Speed Limit Change in Michigan - Michigan has changed speed limits on 600 mile of freeway and 900 non-freeway highway. Parts of I-75, I-69, US 131, and US 31 heve increased speeds to 75MPH for for-wheelers and 65MPH for big trucks. Parts of non-freeway highways US 2, US 23, [...]

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Distracted Driving: There’s more to it then cell phone use

  Typically when we think of distracted driving, we think of people talking or texting. While this does make up the largest percentage of distracted driving there are many forms of distractions that lead to unsafe driving conditions. The SmartDrive Distracted Driving Snapshot for Trucking illuminates key observations about distracted driving and a verified measurement [...]

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This Week In Trucking Round Up

We're always up on what's happening in trucking. Here's what we found interesting this week around the industry. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay on top of news from around trucking. Love’s Will Create Thousands Of New Truck Parking Spaces In 2017 - Truck parking is a growing problem nationwide in the US and [...]

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Volvo Trucks Wows us Againg

Over the past couple of years, Volvo Trucks has been wowing us with their technological advances and well . . . pure marketing genius. From 4-year-old Sophie taking Volvo's FMX through a gravel pit full of obstacles by remote control showcasing the automatic traction control to Jean Claude Van Damme's Epic Split to demonstrate the stability [...]

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Trucking Things We Liked Around the Web

Trucking is a fast paced industry. We thought we'd share some interesting things from around the web. TxDOT Driver Feedback   TxDOT has set up a hotline to get feed back from truck drivers on the I-30 corridor. “Here are a few questions that TxDOT would like drivers to answer: Are there enough truck stops? [...]

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