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Have you seen the latest news and notable posts from Len Dubois Trucking? If not, here are a few articles worth checking out! Summer is the perfect opportunity to connect with your kids by taking them on a ride along. 5 apps for the kids on a ride along Summer holidays are just around the [...]

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Staying up-to-date with what is happening in the trucking industry helps make the job easier, and makes sure that you stay informed. Check out these great articles! TravelCenters of America Updates TruckSmart App TravelCenters of America launched a new round of updates to its TruckSmart app. Survey finds growing support for raising federal fuel [...]

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Canada’s ELD Rule

The long-awaited announcement of the Canadian ELD rule was welcomed on June 13. Trucking companies & associations have anticipated the new rule for years.

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Trucking News Round Up – Things You Might Of Missed

There's never a dull moment in trucking! We're here to help you keep up with important industry news and events. here's what you might have missed.

International Roadcheck – June 4-6

The CVSA has set their annual International Roadcheck for June 4-6. Jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct on motor carrier vehicles and drivers. This year's focus will be on steering and suspension.

Trucking News Roundup

The trucking industry is never boring. Here are some things from around the internet we thought was interesting. Truck Stops & Parking Truckers name their favorite non-chain truck stops There's nothing wrong with stopping at some of the big chain truck stops, but sometimes you want to break out of the corporate box and support [...]

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News Round Up

The trucking industry is always busy with new regulations, changes in technology and general news. Check out these articles from around the web. We think that you will find them interesting and informative. Martinez says FMCSA close to hours of service decision 2019 will be a time of transition regarding potential changes to HOS regulations, said Federal [...]

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Manitoba Spring Road Restrictions 2019

Starting Monday March 18th, 2019 Manitoba Spring Road Restrictions take effect. As always, we want our fleet to be in full compliance at all times.

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News Round Up

Check out these articles from around the web that you'll find interesting.

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Trucking News Round Up

We keep on top of what's happening in the trucking industry. Here are a few trucking articles we found interesting.

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