Trucking News Round Up

There is never a dull moment in the trucking industry. Here are a few things that you should check out if you haven't already. Researchers Developing Drowsy Driving Blood Test A recent study conducted at The Sleep Research Centre at the University of Surrey in England identified a subset of 68 genes in blood samples [...]

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Trucking News Round Up

Trucking is never boring and there are always important things in the news. Here are a few items that caught our attention in the past little while.

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Trucking News Roundup: What You Should Know

The trucking industry is always abuzz with activity. Stay up-to-date with changes and news that can affect the way you do your job. Florida rolls out truck parking availability notices on I-95 and I-4, plans expansion Last month, electronic signs in Brevard, Flagler and Seminole counties began displaying running totals of available parking slots at [...]

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Trucking Industry News Roundup

The trucking industry is always abuzz with activity. Stay up-to-date with changes and news that can affect the way you do your job.  Cop offers tips on securing your load - Brent Hoover has been an Indiana State Trooper for more than 13 years and a certified truck inspector for six. In this video, Trooper Hoover [...]

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Owner Ops – It’s your truck, get the most from it

To satisfy our regular clients increased demand we need owner operators to join our growing fleet! We have regular well-paying outbound and inbound freight with long-term clients. This is a great opportunity to earn more and be part of a professional team.

What’s Happening in the Trucking Industry: News Round Up

The trucking industry is always abuzz with activity, and we want to make sure you've taken in some of the latest big news. Knowing what's happening in the industry around you will make your job easier and help you be aware of may be coming down the pike. West Virginia police issuing “a lot” of [...]

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What’s Happening in Trucking – Trucking News Round Up

Trucking is never boring. We keep our ear to the ground as the industry improves and adapts to changes. We’re sharing trucking news we found interesting and think you will too.

What’s new in Trucking! Trucking news round up

We found some newsworthy things in trucking that we think you should know about. It’s exciting times in trucking. From a Tesla truck to the upcoming ELD mandate coming into effect – there’s plenty of things happening!

ELD ready – Great job by our team

December 18 will come and go as any other day for us because of the hard work and dedication of our drivers and our team. Becoming compliant with the ELD mandate hasn’t been easy. Our drivers have been professionals and have learned to adapt to the change. We’d like to thank them for working hard and making the changes that needed to be made. Great Job!

What’s happening in trucking? Trucking news round-up

It's never dull in the trucking industry. Here's what caught our eye in trucking over the past couple of weeks. Arizona wants commercialized rest areas, calls prohibition 'archaic and nonsensical' - Per federal law, states are not allowed to permit commercial activities at rest areas. A few exceptions include items designed to promote tourism, travel-related [...]

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