Winter Trucking

Winter is upon us. Every season has it’s unique challenges and winter is no different. Bad storms will cause delays and the freezing temperatures are hard on equipment and drivers. It sucks when it’s -30 or when you need to shutdown early because the road conditions are too bad to drive. But that’s trucking.

But good things will come to you when you develop good habits that allow you to prepare for the challenges on the road. Here are some good habits to that will make your like easier, and safer, during those cold wintery months.

Start by Being Prepared

It doesn’t matter if you are just driving a short distance to work or travelling hundreds of miles – good drivers are always prepared for what could happen.

  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions. Wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement while driving.
  • Plan your route ahead of time and stick to the main roads, winter is not the best time to take the scenic route. If your travelling long distances, make sure that someone knows your planned route and your expected arrival time.
  • Give yourself extra time to avoid being late. Drivers tend to be stressed when they are running behind schedule. Planning for your route to take longer removes the stress and the temptation of driving too fast for the conditions. The consequences of being late are far better than those of getting into an accident.
  • Make sure you can see by taking the time to properly clear the snow and ice from your vehicle – windows, lights, mirrors, hood and the roof. Give the vehicle enough time to warm up and defrost foggy windows.
  • Fuel up more often to ensure you’re tank never runs less than half; if you ever get stuck in traffic or stranded in bad weather, you’ll be better prepared.

Drive Safely

Winter road conditions can be unpredictable and change in an instant. Aggressive driving is dangerous at any time of the year but it’s worse in the winter. Keep yourself in check, and drive safely with these everyday do’s:

  • Slow down and drive for the road and weather conditions. Driving too fast in poor conditions puts yourself and others around you at risk.
  • Turn on your lights in low visibility situations to increase the visibility of your vehicle to other motorists on the road. Use your hazards to increase your visibility as well.
  • Keep your distance because it takes longer to stop on slippery or icy roads. Make sure that you have a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Pay attention and be aware of your surroundings. Watch the road all around you and observe the traffic patterns – this includes watching the traffic behind you. Be prepared to slow down or speed up to keep the pace of the traffic around you.
  • Have an escape route should the traffic ahead of you come to sudden stop. Constantly scanning the areas around you, looking for a safe place to put your vehicle in case of emergency, can reduce the amount of injury and damage to those around you.

Trucking Safety

Our number one priority is safety. That means the safety of our drivers, our staff, and other people on the road. We can increase safety and efficiency with good habits, planning, and preparation.

Earn a Good Living with Len Dubois

We are able to ensure good miles and home time with regular Winnipeg based clients, regular lanes and long-term clients. Our experienced team of dispatchers work hard to ensure that your time off and resets are taken at home, not on the road. For drivers, this equals above-average pay and the ability to enjoy a life outside of the truck.

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  • Must be able to cross the U.S border
  • 80% U.S miles
  • Must have a positive attitude about safety & compliance

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