Despite our great capability to deliver goods across North America, Len Dubois Trucking is more like a family than a large transportation concern.  If you talk to the people who are important to our business – our employees, business partners and customers – they will tell you that we’re a company built on personal relationships.

Many companies view their web pages as mass communications tools – places where people can find out about the services offered without having to actually talk to anyone.

That’s not our business philosophy.  Our website has a “Chat Live” button on it. When a prospective customer, potential employee, or anyone else chooses that link, they will be put into contact with Jason Dubois (our President) or John Cole (Manager of Driver Services and compliance) at our office in Winnipeg.  You won’t be connected to a call centre to talk to a “representative”.  The only people who represent Len Dubois Trucking are the people who work at Len Dubois Trucking.

This personal contact philosophy extends to everything that we do, and guides us in developing the ways in which we interact with the people who matter most to us.  It’s our goal to treat everyone like old friends and family, whether we’ve met them yet or not.
It’s a big world, and we’re involved in one of its biggest businesses.  We are, however, a company that still bears the name of our founder, and we still do business with the same level of integrity that allowed him to build a one man/one truck operation into an industry leader.

If you’re interested in joining Len Dubois Trucking as an Owner/Operator or Company driver, click here, call us at 204-783-2797 (Toll Free 888-590-2760), or choose our “Chat” link today!