Most people who choose to enter the trucking business as Owner/Operators do so because of the high level of freedom the arrangement offers.

As an Owner/Operator, you are a small business, leasing your equipment (and yourself) out to a carrier in return for a percentage of total earnings instead of an hourly or per-mile wage.
This arrangement puts you firmly in the drivers seat, both literally and figuratively.

Owner/Operators make up a sizable portion of trucks on the road for good reason.

Owner/Operators choose where and when they work, and for whom.  As small businesses, they have a tax and benefits scenario that is far more complex than company drivers do, but can be advantageous with the right level of management and record keeping.

While not all Owner/Operators may have the inclination for record-keeping, there are some great tools available that make processing this information easy and user-friendly.

Today, an Owner/Operator with a laptop and a smartphone can take care of all of the rigorous record keeping and business paperwork associated with running a business in the trucking industry while drinking the morning coffee.  There are numerous suites of software available – Truckers Helper, TruckingOffice and Axon Software’s products are only a few of many helpful programs available for all computer platforms, including iOS and Android mobile devices.

The work becomes that much easier when you factor in the advances in data networks. There were times not too long ago when Internet service in rural areas of Manitoba and mobile service in some areas of North America were hard to work with. Now, however, cellular and satellite communications mean that even when you’re far from the nearest center, you’re only a quick phone call away from your business.  As an Owner/Operator, your truck is your office, and today’s technology advances make it easier for you to invite people in for a meeting.

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