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I recently heard of a truck driver who was cited for speeding 5 mph over the posted speed limit in a construction zone. The thing is, he was following another truck who was traveling at the same speed. The driver wasn’t trying to get away with anything, he was keeping up with the traffic flow. It’s something that many drivers do as a regular practice. We’re trained to not obstruct traffic.

From a law enforcement stand point they saw at least two trucks speeding in a construction zone, and they got one of them. Think of it like this, when you go fishing, you’re not trying to catch ALL the fish – you just need a few bites.

Construction zones are easily and strictly monitored by law enforcement for speed and seat belt compliance. In these zones the traffic flow is disrupted and the construction workers are at higher risk when there are accidents.

Keep in mind that you are the operator of your vehicle; don’t let other drivers drive it. You are ultimately responsible for the speed your traveling. Keeping up with the traffic isn’t an acceptable reason for speeding.

A moving violation is a severe blow to a companies safety rating and reputable companies have a zero tolerance from these violations. Safety records are taken seriously these days, as poor a rating leads to increased insurance costs. The company can also be red flagged by DOT which means drivers of that fleet can expect to be pulled in more at scales and fleet audits can be performed by DOT. These are expensive and if compliance issues aren’t corrected a company may have their operating authority jeopardized. It’s not a laughing matter.

The expectation of professionals in the industry is zero violations.

Safe travels and keep it between the lines.

Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net