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SPring road restrictions in ManitobaAt the end of each day truck drivers are required to do an inspection of their vehicles. It’s important to ensure the vehicle is in proper operating condition.

One thing that gets missed is notifying the maintenance department when a repair is needed or the driver feels something should be checked by maintenance – this is what the cry sheet is for. Obviously I’m not talking about a repair on the road which needs to be done immediately; I’m talking about something minor which can be taken care of when the truck gets back to the yard.

When you don’t fill out and hand-in your cry sheets you’re just postponing needed repairs which could be done while your truck is sitting at the yard instead of delaying a trip. If it’s a trailer repair you didn’t record, you are passing the responsibility to another driver and possibly delaying their trip as they wait for a trailer repair.

To be successful in trucking we need to work as a team. Quality communication with other departments is required to get the job done. Drivers and maintenance need to have a clear line of communication to prevent delays and ensure our equipment meets safety requirements.

Maintenance relies on drivers filling out their cry sheets to schedule in needed maintenance and repairs. It’s the easiest way to take care of equipment maintenance issues.

Safe travels out there!