At Len Dubois, trucking, safety, and compliance go hand in hand. We run a tight ship and we expect our drivers to do the same.

The introduction of e-Logs has brought new safety measures to the roadways but safety and compliance rules and regulations go beyond Hours of Service. Operation Safe Driver Week starts on Sunday and chances are you are going to get pulled in for a CVSA inspection.

Being pulled in for an inspection is nothing to fear. In fact, it is welcomed stamp of approval that lets us know we are all doing our part to keep the roadways as safe as possible.

As a professional truck driver, you are expected to be safe and compliant at all times. Every violation, a warning or a ticket, is a big deal because every violation is avoidable.

With proper trip planning, attention to detail, record keeping and vehicle inspections you can be assured that you are travelling down the road safely.

The goal is to be perfect. The expectation is no violations – at all.

It is important to know that while drivers may sometimes get off with a warning, points are still deducted from the company’s safety rating and the violation is still documented on your driver record. You may think that this isn’t a big deal because, you, the driver, aren’t responsible to pay any fines for your actions when in reality it is a big deal and it involves more than you.

Never Been Inspected? Find out What’s Involved

If you’re fairly new to the trucking lifestyle, you may never have been pulled in for an inspection. OOIDA has produced a video tutorial, CVSA 123 that answers many of the questions new truck driver have about what happens during the inspection.