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There’s never a dull moment in trucking. Here are some things that have recently caught our eye in the trucking world.

OTA: Trucks Safest Vehicles on the Road – After several recent horrific deadly crashes, involving trucks on Ontario highways, the trucking industry reputation has taken a beating in the media. Trucking associations have stepped up recently to reassure the public about the safety of the trucking industry.

Canadian Trucking Groups Call for Zero Tolerance as Marijuana Legalization Looms – “We are calling for zero tolerance for ‘safety-sensitive’ positions until or unless there is some safe level of impairment that is identified through scientific and medical research,” Yako said. “Because no one has been able to assure us on what is a safe level of impairment when it comes to marijuana, we think it’s much better to be cautious and err on the side of conservatism and identify zero as the level of impairment that would be allowed given the information that we have.”

Oklahoma changes rules on the ‘hammer lane’ – Be careful trucking through Oklahoma as the state just changed the rules on how you can use the left lanes of its freeways. It can get expensive if you break the law, too.

Pilot Flying J opens new location in Kansas City – Pilot Flying J has recently announced a new location just north of the Missouri River east of Interstate 435 off of Missouri Route 210. Scheduled to open Saturday, Nov. 4, the new Pilot Flying J is at 8801 NE Birmingham Road.

World’s largest truck stop getting bigger – The world’s largest truck stop is about to get even larger, with a $10 million expansion plan moving forward. Iowa 80 Truckstop will add 23,000 square feet to its 100,000 square foot main building in a three-phase process.

17 hilariously awful pieces of bad trucking advice – Since its inception in September, the Twitter account @badtruckadvice has been dispensing some real pearls of trucking wisdom for those Billy Big Riggers out there.

More Than Half of Small Fleets Not ELD Compliant – With less than six weeks until the Dec. 18 deadline for fleets to install mandatory electronic logging devices, one survey indicates there will be a lot of smaller fleets that are at risk for citations and fines – or who will give up on the industry altogether.

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