Stopped at the lights on the corner of Provencher and Tache.

If you’re looking for more truck stops, and parking, you’re in luck because a couple of new ones are going up.

Love’s opens 24th Kansas Location – “A new Love’s Travel Stops location opened this week in South Hutchinson, Kan., along with U.S. Highway 50. The new store is the 24th Love’s in Kansas.”

Sapp Bros. Opens 17th Travel Center – “Sapp Bros. opened a new travel center in Harrisonville, Mo., the company’s 17th location and its first in Missouri.”

Volvo Trucks – Collision Warning with Emergency Brake – Volvo Trucks´ Collision Warning with Emergency Brake demonstrates one of the industry’s most advanced safety technologies. The system alerts the driver if there is a risk of collision with a vehicle in front, activating the brakes if necessary. It monitors the vehicles in front with the help of both radar and camera technology. The system also functions on curvy roads.

Regulations and Policy

There’s were a couple significant stories in the government policy area this week.

FMCSA Launches Pilot Program Allowing Truckers To Split Sleeper Berth Time – The FMCSA’s “Flexible Sleeper Berth Pilot Program” would free drivers from the requirement to spend eight hours in a row in the sleeper berth and give them more freedom to choose how to spend their time resting.

Trucking not crazy about toll-heavy highways plan from Trump – “Tolls will not fill our infrastructure deficit because tolls rob everyday drivers to line the pockets of Wall Street and international investors. Tolls are the worst funding mechanism available and are a highly inefficient use of funds. Tolls should be removed from any discussion of responsibly fixing our country’s ailing roads and bridges.”