Holiday Road Safety: Arrive at your destination safely this Christmas

Over the next couple of weeks, many of us will be venturing out for family gatherings and vacations, often in less than favourable conditions. Len Dubois Trucking and its team of professional truck drivers place top priority on the safety of our drivers, and the motorists who share the roadways with them. Our team has [...]

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Prepare for Increased Traffic this Thanksgiving

For Canadian truck drivers working south of the border, November 22nd is just another day at the office, but for our American friends, it's Thanksgiving. This is most likely going to delay your week in one form or another. First off, many shippers and receivers will be closed for the holiday, so getting deliveries done [...]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Interactions with Semi Trucks

It is pretty common to worry about driving around semi trucks. They are massive, they have a ton of blind spots, and there is a general negative view of the professionalism and safety standards that truck drivers possess. We’re not going to lie to you or try to pull the wool over your eyes. There [...]

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Drive Safely this Halloween

On Monday, October 31, trick-or-treaters will take to the streets in a mad rush for candy as parents chase after them often barking commands like, “wait;” “Look before you cross the street;” and of course, “no you can’t eat any more candy.” While parents are out in order to keep their kids safe, the infectious [...]

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Know the Signs of Impaired Drivers on the Roads

New Year's Eve is a time to ring in the new year and celebrate all that we have done and all that we will do. Unfortunately it is also one of the deadliest nights on the road. While the majority of people will make the right choice to not get behind the wheel impaired, there [...]

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Preparation is Key: Please Drive Safely this Holiday Season

 Len Dubois Trucking is proud of the drivers and staff we have recruited. Their commitment to safe driving practices has led to millions of accident free miles.  To find out more about us check us out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The holiday season is quickly approaching. With our American friends just weeks away from Thanksgiving, and our [...]

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