Whether you’re new to the industry or having been driving for years, if you are a professional truck driver chances are you are going to get pulled in for a CVSA inspection.

At Len Dubois Trucking we run a tight ship when it comes to safety and compliance. Equipment is inspected before it hits the road for every trip ensuring that it is in top working order and our drivers are expected to have repairs made should maintenance issues arise while they’re out on the road. Drivers are dispatched legal and are expected to operate within the legal hours of service mandates.

A CVSA inspection is nothing to fear, it should be looked at as a welcome stamp of approval that lets us know we are all doing our jobs right.

If you’ve never been through a CVSA inspection before, or you have questions about the process here is a video tutorial produced by OOIDA that you should check out. The video answers these questions and more:

  1. What the difference between a level 1, 2 and 3 inspections?
  2. Why you’re getting pulled in for inspections?
  3. What are inspectors looking for during the driver inspection?