You’ve been saving your receipts for the past year and soon it will be time to take them out of the shoe box, envelope or grocery bag to start sorting them out. Just what are truck drivers allowed to write off? Well . . . the list is pretty extensive and while we aren’t tax experts we can provide you with some useful tips.

There are many things that truck drivers can write off, so long as you follow three simple rules:

  1. The expenses haven’t been reimbursed by the company,
  2. You have the receipts for the items you want to write off, and
  3. You have valid log books to show you were over the road

If you are unsure if you are able to claim an item we suggest that you speak with a professional. They will be able to answer any questions you may have. At the same time, it’s also important for you to have a general understanding so you know what receipts to keep and which ones you can just get rid of.

This list includes many items but is not all inclusive. There may be things missing, but we hope that, at the very least, gives you an idea of the type of items that you can write off.

Cleaning Supplies

Air Fresheners, Armour-All, Broom and Dustpan, Laundry Soap, Paper Towels, Trash Bags, Window Cleaner, and Vacuum


Boots, Gloves, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Safety Vests, and Travel Bags


Antenna, CB Radio, Cell Phone, Cell Phone Fees, Circuit Tester, GSP Unit, GPS Map Update Fees, Power Boosters, Power Converters, and Power Cords


ATM Fees, Association Fees/Dues, CDL Driver’s License, Copy/Fax Fees, Criminal Record Check Fees, Driver’s Abstract Fees, Parking Fees, Scale Fees, and Toll Fees

In Cab Living

Alarm Clock, Bedding, Cab Curtains, Coffee Maker, Cook Top, Cooking Utensils, First Aid Kit, Lap Desk, Microwave, Refrigerator, Tupperware/storage bins, and Thermos

Load Securement

Bunge Cords, Load Chains, Load Bars, Load Straps, and Locks

Office Supplies

Atlas, Briefcase, Calculator, Clipboard, Log Books, Log Book Binder, Maps, Notebooks, Paper, and Pens/Pencils

Personal Hygiene

Hand Sanitizer, Laundry, Showers, and Shower Shoes


Bolt Cutters, Buffer, Crowbar, Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Fifth Wheel Puller, Flashlight, Hammer, Pliers, Screwdrivers, Tire Iron, and Wrenches

Transportation & Lodging

Air Fare, Bus Fare, Cab Fare, and Hotel/Motel Stays