CVSA Roadcheck 2021Are You Ready for Roadcheck 2021?

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Administration (CVSA) will hold Roadcheck 2021 on May 4-6. This years Roadcheck will focus on lighting and Hours of Service.

CVSA’s International Roadcheck is the largest commercial motor vehicle enforcement program in the world. Every year, the CVSA conducts a large-scale, North American Wide Commercial Vehicle Safety Blitz focusing on driver safety, compliance, and education.

This year, Roadcheck is May 4-6

International Roadcheck is a high-volume, high-visibility three-day enforcement initiative that highlights the importance of commercial motor vehicle safety through roadside inspections. Over that 72-hour period, commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers.

The International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations each year. This year’s focus is on lighting and HOS. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the lighting violation “lamps inoperable” (Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations 393.9) was the number one vehicle violation in fiscal 2020, accounting for approximately 12.24% of all vehicle violations discovered that year. And during last year’s International Roadcheck, the top driver out-of-service violation category in North America was hours of service, accounting for 34.7% of all driver out-of-service conditions.


Inspectors will ensure the vehicle’s brake systems, cargo securement, coupling devices, driveline/driveshaft components, driver’s seat, exhaust systems, frames, fuel systems, lighting devices, steering mechanisms, suspensions, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels, rims, hubs and windshield wipers are compliant with regulations. Inspections of motorcoaches, passenger vans and other passenger-carrying vehicles also include emergency exits, electrical cables and systems in the engine and battery compartments, and seating.

Also during an inspection, inspectors will check the driver’s operating credentials, hours-of-service documentation, seat belt usage, and for alcohol and/or drug impairment. A driver will be placed out of service if an inspector discovers driver-related out-of-service conditions.

Trucking Safety & Compliance

At Len Dubois Trucking we expect another year of zero violations through our fleet during Roadcheck. Our goal is to always be in compliance with all regulations and to have our operations as safe as possible.