Trucking News

Autumn has arrived. Just as seasons change, so does trucking. As we gear up for another busy quarter we’ve kept an eye on trucking industry news. From results of this year’s safety blitz’s to winter prep – let’s look at some news that caught our eye this month.

Trucking Safety

Nearly one-quarter of motorists don’t know that move over laws exists, study shows – “A new study from the American Automobile Association shows that almost one-quarter of motorists don’t even know that ‘slow down, move over’ laws exist. According to the same study by the AAA, 42% of drivers know about the laws, but don’t follow them. In light of these statistics, officials are urging anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle to remain vigilant and follow these laws for the safety of everyone.”

Over 3,000 citations were issued to U.S. CMV operators during Safe Driver Week – “Law enforcement officers in the U.S. issued 3,158 citations and 4,420 warnings to drivers of commercial vehicles during an annual seven-day enforcement effort in July.

Officers participating in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week safety initiative pulled over a total of 23,871 commercial motor vehicle drivers the association says were engaging in unsafe driving behaviors.”

Brake Safety Week results emerge – “Canadian enforcement teams placed 15.4% of inspected vehicles out of service for brake-related issues during the annual Brake Safety Week blitz – slightly above the 13.5% recorded in the U.S. While 1,903 commercial vehicles were inspected in Canada, 28,694 were inspected in the U.S.”

Car drivers were ticketed three times more often than truckers during U.S. driver blitz – “A total of 4,420 warnings and 3,158 citations were issued to commercial motor vehicle drivers in the U.S., and 4,018 warnings and 9,106 citations were issued to passenger vehicle drivers in the U.S.”

Parking after dark: Chain truck stops fill up earlier, more often than independents – “In every region, chain truck stops tend to be favored by drivers and fill up earlier and more often than independent truck stops, rest areas and other truck-friendly parking areas across the country.”

Inside Edition segment calls out ‘big rig trucks’ for ‘causing horrible accidents’ – “Newsmagazine “Inside Edition” recently ran a video segment that blames “out of control” and “runaway” trucks for crashes resulting in injuries and fatalities.”

Top 12 Tips for Bumper-To-Bumper Winter Prep – “Like it or not, winter is coming. You know the drill: falling temperatures, snow, and ice hitting large swaths of North America, presenting challenges for trucks and fleets. Now is the time to prepare. With harsh weather looming, here are 12 pieces of advice for wheel-ends, air systems, and electronics to help keep your vehicle in good operating condition.”

Trucking Business

Need for truck drivers in Manitoba reaching ‘critical level’ trucking association says – “In Manitoba, in order to meet the needs of our economy and our Manitoba supply chain – we need to recruit, retain, and train over 5,000 truck drivers over the next five years. That is 1,000 truck drivers each year,” said Terry Shaw, the executive director of the Manitoba Trucking Association.

Cross-border truckers must be fully vaccinated by January 2022, feds say – In an October 12 statement, federal officials stated that “beginning in early January 2022, DHS will require that all inbound foreign national travelers crossing U.S. land or ferry POEs – whether for essential or non-essential reasons – be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and provide related proof of vaccination. This approach will provide ample time for essential travelers such as truckers, students, and healthcare workers to get vaccinated.”

Experts say driverless trucks likely decades away, ‘like going to the moon’ – “Despite players like Google-sibling Waymo climbing into the self-driving truck space alongside entrants like TuSimple and Torc Robotics – who have picked up investment stakes from the likes of Traton and Daimler Trucks, respectively – Thom Albrecht, Reliance Partners Insurance CFO & chief revenue officer and former chief commercial officer and chief financial officer with Celadon, doesn’t believe a Level 5 capable truck (one with no driver in the cab) will happen any time within the next 20 years.”

5 ways pandemic responses led to positive changes in trucking – “Canada’s trucking industry had to scramble in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Rest areas, truck stops, and shipper facilities were closed to drivers. Safety managers were left searching for new supplies such as hand sanitizer and masks. Even processing paper documents became a struggle.

Many of these issues have largely been resolved, but some lasting positive changes may have emerged in the process. Consider these five examples discussed during an online presentation of Ontario’s Fleet Safety Council.”

Toilet Paper Shortages, Empty Shelves, and Panic Buying: Just How Bad Did the Grocery Supply Chain Perform in 2020? – “To say that the pandemic made 2020 a very challenging year would be a gross understatement. Because of service disruptions – not being able to buy toilet paper, for example – the supply chain has been more discussed than ever before. It was also a very, very tough year for supply chain professionals working in the grocery supply chain. But just how bad was it?”

What’s behind a trucker shortage in Canada? Britain’s labour crisis offers a clue – “While the British government sends in the army to help deliver fuel to gas stations, Canada’s trucking industry is watching the crisis unfold with concern as it grapples with its own shortage of truck drivers.”