What’s New in Trucking?

Another day another dollar. The trucking world goes round and it’s never boring. Check out these articles from around the web that you’ll find interesting.

The advent of ELDs is influencing how carriers and shippers work together to control costs, deploy capacity, design networks, offer and charge for services, make capital investments, recruit and assign drivers and leverage new technology.
Being well-rested and alert are essential for safe driving in the trucking industry. See how naps can improve your circumstances while OTR on Truckers News.
Air system maintenance on trucks is critical in the winter; less than a teaspoon of water could disable a truck in a winter deep freeze. Here’s why, and what you can do about it.
Meteorologists are warning residents of New York that the incoming cold weather is potentially life threatening. See how to keep yourself safe on Truckers News.
Some helpful tips for truck drivers for communicating and handling their dispatcher for the best outcome for a successful truck driving career.