SPring road restrictions in ManitobaThe spring road restrictions in Manitoba and nearby jurisdictions are a pain in the neck for truck drivers making rural pick ups and deliveries. The restrictions often makes the easiest and most common routes off limits to tractor-trailers.

Drivers do not want to get caught on a restricted road. The fines are steep, ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. And make no mistake – DOT is monitoring these roads and they know where they’ll find the most violators. Figuring out how to part drivers and trucking companies with their money is one thing the government can do well.

Here’s a few tips to help you pick ups and deliveries during the spring roads restrictions.

  • Even when empty tractor trailers will be over weight if the road is restricted to 90%. Your steering axle will put you over weight. We really need to stay completely off any restricted road.
  • Phone your shipper/receiver and specifically ask if they are aware of a route to them which doesn’t put you on a restricted road. Busy shippers/receivers usually are aware of the restrictions and can help you get in.
  • Account for extra time. Sometimes we are detoured well out of the way in order to take a safe route.
  • See our article with online resources about the spring road restrictions. The links contain maps and details about the weight restrictions each in province and state.
  • Dubois fleet, should call John if you have any questions about the restrictions. Our goal for the spring and upcoming DOT blitz’s, is ZERO violations. This is always the goal but we are really working hard to get drivers more conscious of the resources and support for our drivers to stay compliant.

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