We have written a lot about trucking over the years; focusing on safety and helping drivers develop and hone their skills so that they can have a successful career.

Whether you are a rookie driver, just starting out over the road, or have been driving for years, there is always something to learn or brush up on so that you are prepared for the curve balls this job will throw at you. Check out these helpful articles and start honing your skills today!

Sliding the Firth Wheel – Generally speaking, once you set your fifth wheel you don’t need to move it again. But sometimes you need to take weight off your drives – when you can’t slide your trailer tandems any further up . . . Read More

Going in Circles? How to use a Roundabout – Changes to improve the safety characteristics of the circular intersections and reduce the number of crashes has made roundabouts a common intersection form. Roundabouts seem to be popping up all over the place. Now the problem seems to be that not everyone knows how to use them . . . Read More

Good Practices to Help You Avoid Truck Stop Parking Accidents – At the end of a long day, all a driver wants to do is find a spot to park the truck. This is not always an easy task and when drivers are desperate for parking they may make some bad decisions . . . Read More

Tips for Driving in High Winds – The winter months bring more than just chilly temperatures and snow. Sometimes it’s just downright windy, which causes its own unique set of challenges. As always, when adverse weather strikes it is up to you to decide if it is safe to keep traveling down the road . . . Read More

Defensive Driving: Stay Alert and Assume Everyone Else is an Idiot – Defensive driving skills can help keep you safe and accident-free while on the roads. While many professional truck drivers have this skill, many of the motorists you share the roadways with don’t . . . Read More