We asked our drivers for trucking photos and pictures from the road to share on Facebook and they didn’t disappoint.

Here are some more of the photos Len Dubois Trucking has shared on Facebook. We can call this part three. Check out part one and part two. Feel free to send us your photos to share! You can email them to lenduboistrucking@gmail.com

owner operators truck

#1 Owner operator @ Len Dubois Trucking

blue Volo in front of Len Dubois Trucking

#2 Shiny new owner op Volvo in front of our yard at 1001 Elgin Ave Winnipeg Manitoba

Owner Op hard at work

#3 Workin hard!

Len Dubois Trucking in Tacoma, WA

#4 Delivering in Tacoma, WA

Len Dubois Trucking | Trucking in the Mountains

#5 Truck 112 taking a break in northern Washington state.

Len Dubois Trucking | Trucking scenery and challenges

#6 Beautiful scenery driving truck through the mountains. This is one reason to get into trucking.

Len Dubois Trucking | Winnipeg company trucking jobs

#7 Trucking through the Crows Nest!

Truck 132 working hard

#8 Truck 132 working hard

Storm is coming

# 9 Trucking in Saskatoon before a thunder storm

Len Dubois drivers, if you have pictures from the road please share them with us. Send your pictures to lenduboistrucking@

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