It’s no secret that the backbone of this dynamic industry is its drivers. Millions of dedicated men and women travel the roads every day, to deliver freight that we all need. Be it windows for our homes or the milk we purchase from the store, if you bought it, a truck brought it.

Professional truck drivers sacrifice a lot in order to help provide us with the things we need for daily life; they miss birthdays, anniversaries, family dinners, school plays and many other special moments that most of us take for granted.

National Trucking Week is a time to celebrate and thank the drivers for the job they do every day.

To Our Driving Fleet

Thank you for the long hours; the loading and unloading of freight; the professionalism you provide to our clients; and the timeliness of your deliveries. Drivers are on the front line and are the face of our company. Your hard work and professionalism allow us to maintain a strong relationship with our clients.

Thank you for your continued dedication to safety. Driving a big truck 100,000 plus miles per year exposes you to a lot of risks. Our fleet is among the safest on the road because of your dedication to safety. The quality of our fleet is the reason for Len Dubois Trucking’s continued success.

Thank you for the days away from home; the birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations you missed, and the family time you have sacrificed to get the job done. We truly understand and appreciate the sacrifices that are made to earn a living in this industry.

To Our Trucking Families

Many of our office staff have been over the road drivers or come from trucking families. We know all too well the sacrifices and additional life stresses that our trucking families go through every day. We do our best to get your trucker home as often as possible, but this doesn’t compare to the job you do every day.

For you it is second nature to run your household by yourself; to raise your children while your spouse is away; to stay connected with your spouse or son or daughter over the phone, or through social media; to rearrange schedules to make sure your trucker is home for important moments; to go days without seeing your trucker; the list goes on, but you get our point. Being in a trucker family is a lot of work.

Thank you for your sacrifices, for your determination to stay connected and for the additional workload you must carry while your trucker is over the road. Your love, support, and hard work makes life easier for your trucker and allows him or her to carry out the daily tasks of being a truck driver. Trucking is a team effort which includes the families. Without your sacrifices, understanding, and patience this industry, and economy, would not be possible.

To Our Support Staff

Generally, when we think of trucking, we think of trucks and drivers. Little thought is given to everyone else in the industry. Trucking is a team effort and there are many people behind the scenes that help ensure the continued success and operations of not only Len Dubois Trucking, but of the entire industry.

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t take a moment to thank the dispatchers and logistics coordinators, the mechanics, the recruiters, the safety and compliance managers, the accountants and payroll clerks, the secretaries, and the warehouse personnel. Your jobs are high stress and demanding, it goes with the territory. Every day you face new challenges and seize opportunities that help our company grow, create new jobs, and keep our fleet of drivers safe on the road.

There is more to serving our clients than just moving a truck down the road. There is a whole team of professionals needed to ensure that we can meet the needs of, and deliver a high level of service to our clients.