ELD Rule in Canada by 2021

The long-awaited announcement of the Canadian ELD rule was welcomed on June 13, 2019. Trucking companies and trucking associations have been anticipating the new rule for years. There are no changes to the HOS rules planned as part of the new ELD role out, which will take effect by June 2021.

The United States had implemented ELD’s south of the border in 2017. One major difference with the Canadian rule is a provision, that trucking associations and companies lobbied for, requiring 3rd party certification. This means logs cannot be tampered with or falsified.

“The vast majority of our companies and drivers in our industry fully comply with hours-of-service rules, but, undoubtedly, the implementation of tamper-proof, third-party ELD devices will further enhance safety and help ensure all drivers and companies hold themselves to the highest levels of compliance,” said CTA chairman Scott Smith.

HOS Compliance

Len Dubois Trucking implemented ELD’s fleet-wide in 2016 to be in full compliance with the United States mandate. The use of electronic logs has made our operations more efficient and effective. The trucking industries adoption of ELD’s in Canada and the United States will undoubtedly make our roads safer and improve drivers working conditions. Hours of Service compliance is one of the priorities of our safety department and operations/dispatch team.

As always, Dubois drivers are encouraged to contact John or Ken with any safety and compliance questions.