Canada and the United States share the world’s largest bilateral trading relationship. This trading relationship benefits both country’s economies. For more than a decade Canada and the United States have worked together to protect and secure the border from threats of terrorism and organized crime by working with stakeholders in the supply chain. The Beyond the Border Action Plan was put into place to allow cooperation and enhance efficiency.

Canada’s PIP (Partners In Protection) and C-TPAT in the United States each work to pre-screen and approve drivers, carriers, and cargo. Under the Beyond the Border Action Plan, both agencies are working toward mutual harmonization in areas of policy, processing, and documentation. Harmonization will streamline procedures and improve efficiency and integrity of the border.

Harmonization of PIP and C-TPAT will enable eligible companies to apply for both programs in an expedited process and allow existing members, of either program as well as new applicants, to obtain harmonized membership to both programs in a single application and site validation.

Canada and the United States are working together under the Beyond the Border Action in many ways. A pilot program was started in 2013, between the U.S. CBP and Public Safety Canada, to place CBP officers at Canadian border crossings in order to conduct voluntary primary examinations of south bound trucks, drivers, and cargo. These cooperative programs between both governments and industry principles are making legitimate trade safer and more efficient. The effect for low risk carriers, drivers, and shippers are fewer inspections, faster border crossing, and easier implementation and training.

As professionals, Len Dubois Trucking participates in the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) and C-TPAT programs. Janet or any of our border and customs people can answer any questions our drivers have.

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