As professional truck drivers we are expected to be safe and compliant at all times and this includes wearing your seat belt. Len Dubois Trucking’s policy on seat belts is very clear. Buckle up. Not only is it the law, it is a safety precaution.

The penalty for not wearing your seat belt is costly to you and the company you work for.

Not only will you receive a ticket but you will receive demerits, causing increased insurance costs. You will receive a hit against your driver’s abstract and your personal safety rating with DOT. This leads to increased inspections when you are pulled into a scale and may affect a company’s decision to hire you.

Your company’s safety rating will also be affected. The more hits your company receives against their safety rating the higher their insurance costs and their DOT Audits. A company’s safety rating is based on the ratings of their entire fleet, not just individuals. Because seat belt violations are completely avoidable, many companies will not hire individuals with seat belt infractions.

It is up to you, the driver, to be responsible, safe and compliant at all times.