Let’s start with the information that everyone really wants to know . . . just who won that iPad mini. Congratulations to Claude in unit 119, you’re the winner of a brand new iPad mini.

We also did some prize draws for some Len Dubois Trucking swag, hats, shirts, and stainless steel coffee mugs. Our winners are Randy (unit 125), Alan (unit 151), Peter (unit 121), Norm (unit 153), Bruce (unit 120), and Steve (unit 155).

All prizes can be picked up in John’s office.

Top 5 Driver Miles for 2013 Year

  1. Jeff D. with 137,131 miles
  2. Chris D. with 136,727 miles
  3. Darryl H. with 136,314 miles
  4. Dallas M. with 133,230 miles
  5. Claude W. with 125,404 miles

Top 5 Owner Operator Miles for 2013 Year

  1. Bob H. with 136,222 miles
  2. Serguei P. with 135,215 miles
  3. Gary and Ann R. with 134,962 miles
  4. Stewart E. with 126,237 miles
  5. Rob T. with 118,340 miles

Our Drivers are Safe

Just a quick congratulations and thank you to the entire fleet for being one of the safest out there. This past year has been really tough on the industry for insurance costs. The trucking industry is seeing average increases between 5 and 10 percent, in some cases. Our drivers did such a great job staying safe and committing themselves to our no violation policy that we as a company will not have any increase in our insurance costs. This is amazing! Thank you again for being such a safe fleet.

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net