Coupling & Uncoupling from trailer safely

Hook up to, or unhook from, your trailer seems like a simple procedure. It is simple and routine. Simple everyday tasks can be dangerous when we get complacent and fail to follow proper procedures.

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What’s Happening in Trucking – Trucking News Round Up

Trucking is never boring. We keep our ear to the ground as the industry improves and adapts to changes. We’re sharing trucking news we found interesting and think you will too.

Having too Much Confidence May Be Your Downfall

Confidence is an essential quality for truck drivers to possess. Could you imagine carrying down the road for years on the shaky knees you had when you were a rookie? No, probably not. Finding your confidence on the road as a truck driver is discovering your ability to succeed in this industry, to drive safely [...]

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What Image are You Projecting?

It’s kind of funny to think about, but image in the trucking industry is very important. In the grand scheme of things, considering all the tasks and responsibilities that fall upon a professional truck driver, you would think that image is the last thing that would be important while hauling freight down the road. Image, [...]

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Trucking News Roundup: Don’t Miss These Stories

Get caught up with your trucking news. Check out these articles that cover the good, bad and ugly truth of ELD's; Autonomous Vehicles and more regulation and enforcement issues. Baltimore to launch camera enforcement on truck-restricted roads - Truckers driving through certain parts of Baltimore better pay attention to signs warning them of restricted streets. Beginning March [...]

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Drive Better Live Better

Company Drivers Wanted We are a Winnipeg trucking company with decades of experience. Working with great drivers who care about safety, customer service, and teamwork has been the key to our growth. If this describes you – we have company driver opportunities! Len Dubois Trucking is looking for quality professional drivers, to add to our [...]

Cargo Securement: There’s more to it than compliance

Ensuring that your cargo is secure behind the locked doors of the trailer is important for a variety of reasons. It prevents: Damage to our clients’ freight; Loads from shifting; and Loose objects from falling from the vehicle in a collision. Improperly secured freight is also a DOT Violation that can lead to hefty fines, [...]

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Driving a Big Rig isn’t a ‘Man’s Job’

The trucking industry is male dominated but it certainly isn’t a man’s world. We’re not saying that the backward thinking, male dominant chauvinism doesn’t exist in the trucking industry because if you look, you will find it, just as you will find it in any industry. Females have been joining the trucking industry at a [...]

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Get in One of Our Trucks Today!

Len Dubois Trucking is always looking for professional company drivers to join our growing Winnipeg, Manitoba team. Why Choose Len Dubois Trucking? We offer a competitive pay scale that lets you earn a great living with: $.40 per mile starting base mileage rate, the more experienced the more we pay! $25.00 per stop on regular [...]

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What’s new in Trucking! Trucking news round up

We found some newsworthy things in trucking that we think you should know about. It’s exciting times in trucking. From a Tesla truck to the upcoming ELD mandate coming into effect – there’s plenty of things happening!

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