Starting September 1, 2016, commercial trucks need to start carrying chains in the truck. Even if you have never chained up and never intend to chain up, you must carry a set of chains that includes four singles and two triples. Rest assured DOT officials will be checking for chains and will issue warnings and tickets to those drivers who do not have them in the truck.

Check the Weather Conditions Before You Arrive

It is important to check weather conditions and mountain passes before you arrive. Our company’s policy is that if there is a chain up warning in effect – it is not safe to drive. Shut down and proceed with your trip once the chain warnings have been lifted and the road conditions have improved. Remember to contact dispatch to keep them apprised of your situation.

When you Get Stuck and Need to Chain Up

Weather in the Mountain Passes can change on a dime. Regardless of our policy to not drive during these conditions, there may come a day when you will need to chain up. Knowing how to chain up is important.

Here is a short how-to video that takes you through the process of chaining up.

Remember, if you have any questions about chaining up speak with John or someone in the maintenance department.