For the right man or woman, becoming a commercial truck driver offers opportunities, benefits and a solid future. Manitoba commercial truck drivers are in demand, as trucking has become the preferred method of shipping for thousands of industries and millions of businesses. What are some of the positive aspects and challenges for truck drivers? Here’s a look at truck driving as a career.

Skilled Profession with Good Pay

Commercial truck drivers are skilled professionals. They are highly trained and work with advanced equipment. Commercial trucking is an expansive industry, which means there’s solid growth rate.

Challenges for Truckers

Depending upon the job there are numerous challenges that go along with truck driving. Operating a big rig itself is physically demanding and it does call for a wealth of skill. Plus, truckers must maintain excellent driving records, keep specific types of documentation up-to-date and ensure their rig meets all safety and operating requirements. If these aspects are not adhered to, it can greatly affect one’s ability to earn a living.

Also, today the truck driver has to understand computer technology, as so much of the business is connected to the Internet. This often requires additional training, which can be ongoing due to the fact that technology changes and develops all the time.

Do You Love the Road?

If you love the road and its challenges and enjoy working in a profession that is constantly changing and offering new opportunities, then commercial trucking could be the perfect profession for you. To be successful, drivers must be disciplined, intelligent and dedicated to hard work.

If this sounds like the type of opportunity for you, then apply now to become an owner/operator or company driver with Len Dubois Trucking.