Truck stops are a must for truckers. They have fuel, food, fax services, parking, scales and more. We couldn’t get our jobs done without them. There are some dangers in those lots too.

Anytime you have a lot of large vehicles, such as trucks, in a small area you have some dangers. Particularly when there is a lot of backing. You also have shady characters around looking to sell you something, panhandle or steal; all of whom can potentially be a danger. Not to fear there are some good practices which will reduce your risk in the truck stops.

  • If the lot is full and you park in a spot that isn’t technically a parking spot ensure you’re not blocking someone in or a through lane. Try to avoid parking in non-parking spot when you can.
  • Avoid parking on the very end of a row. If a rookie driver turns to sharp he’ll have your hood as a souvenir
  • Try to park in well lit areas
  • Take pull threw spots as much as you can. Backing is a high risk maneuver. Decreasing the number of times you need to back near trucks reduces your chance of an incident. Plus the spots beside you will be pull threw and you won’t have a truck backing beside you and possibly into you.
  • When walking through the lot don’t text. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. Drivers backing up or pulling out might not see you. Drivers driving through might be distracted.
  • When you’re walking through the parking lot at night, don’t walk between trucks. Walk in the lanes where there are lights and people. You don’t want to run into any shady characters in the dark between the trucks.
  • You can generally just wave off panhandlers and people trying to sell you something without even opening your truck door. Do not let them use your CB to solicit. Do not get belligerent or escalate a situation with aggressive panhandlers; an altercation isn’t worth it.

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