It’s National Trucking Week, and while we are always grateful for the hard work and dedication of our team, we’d like to emphasize just how thankful we are.

Thank you for the long hours; the loading and unloading of freight; the professionalism you provide to our clients; and the timeliness of your deliveries. Drivers are on the front line and are the face of our company. Your hard work and professionalism has allowed us to maintain a strong relationship with our clients.

Thank you for your continued dedication to safety. Driving a big truck 100 000 plus miles per year exposes you to a lot of risk. Our fleet is among the safest on the road because of your dedication to safety. The quality of our fleet is the reason for Len Dubois Trucking’s continued success.

Thank you for the days away from home; the birthdays, anniversaries, and holiday celebrations you missed, and the family time you have sacrificed to get the job done. Coming from a trucking family we truly understand and appreciate the sacrifices that are made to earn a living in this industry.

Thank you,

Jason and Janet Dubois