Driving Through Fog

Driving Through Fog isn't Fun, but it can be Done You will almost certainly run into a few hazardous situations during your trucking career – specifically with Mother Nature. One of these situations is fog, which obviously makes the very visual job of driving difficult and unsafe. But sometimes, it just can’t be avoided. Check [...]

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Avoid Common CSA Violations

At the Len Dubois family, safety and compliance runs deep in our operations. From our drivers, dispatch, maintenance, safety to HR departments, every step of the way is a conscious effort of safety – it's a team effort engrained us. So, Why are CSA Scores Important? There's a reason why trucking companies' CSA scores are [...]

Safety Doesn’t End with Operation Safe Driver Week 2020

As Operation Safe Driver wraps up it's important to remember that our focus on safety is more than a week-long enforcement blitz. Safety is our primary focus all the time.

Use Your Head – Stay Safe

The trucking industry is a demanding, hard, and dangerous career. From being around heavy machinery constantly, being in ever-changing weather conditions, to driving itself, this job is not for the faint of heart. Here are just some of the dangers in truck driving and how to avoid them. Driving Tired While this one is a [...]

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7 Accident Prevention Tips

Developing good habits helps you become a better, safer, and more professional truck driver for the long haul. There are a lot of skills involved in getting your truck from point A to point B, and the best drivers can do that accident-free. Become an accident-free driver. Here are just a few tips and reminders [...]

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Dash Cams are a Trucker’s Best Gadget

They say jewelry is a girl’s best friend; well, dash cams are the equivalent of jewelry to a trucker! If you have been contemplating whether you should purchase a dash cam, this video will prove to you just how important one is! In this video, you will see how something as simple as a dash [...]

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Truck Escape Ramps: What Drivers Need to Know

Truck drivers are faced with many daily challenges and sometimes dangerous situations. If you've travelled to mountain states, then you have undoubtedly seen truck escape ramps. Hopefully, you will never need to use one, but in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation, it is good to have a basic understanding of when and [...]

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Safe Driving Around Big Trucks

Unless a driver has operated a semi it’s hard to imagine what it takes to operate safely. Better driver training on how to drive around big trucks would make our roads safer and save lives. We’ve put together a few tips you can share with your four-wheeler friends.

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