While it only takes one person to drive a truck, taking the plunge into being an Owner/Operator in the trucking industry can be a real team effort.

Your truck isn’t just a vehicle when you’re an Owner/Operator.  It’s your business.  It’s the tool you use to produce revenue, and undoubtedly your biggest expense, and it often serves as a residence.  Driving the truck, however, isn’t the only job in your business – there’s scheduling, coordinating loads, route planning, and bookkeeping.  Having a capable partner can give you a real edge.

There are quite a number of benefits to this sort of arrangement beyond the obvious division of labour.  Some of the stress of being apart is mitigated by working as a team.  For the person at home, having a real hand in their success of their partner can help to ease some of the hard feelings long hours apart can generate.  Many of the negative influences on truckers’ health, such as loneliness and guilt, are mitigated by an understanding, involved partner.

Your clients, too, will benefit from a partnership with a husband/wife team.  There will be someone available on the phone to answer questions about routing and scheduling without being distracted from driving.

There can be a downside, mostly dependent on your personality and that of your spouse.  For some people, business and personal relationships don’t mix well.  For others, being involved in the adventure of owning and operating their own truck can bring them closer together.

If you’re both adventurous people, willing to put in some hard work and maintain your relationship while working together to achieve a common goal, husband/wife trucking is for you.

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