During the week of Oct. 18-24, 2015, law enforcement agencies throughout North America will engage in heightened traffic safety enforcement and education aimed at unsafe driving behaviors by both commercial motor vehicle drivers and car drivers as part of the CVSA Operation Safe Driver Week. As always, Len Dubois Trucking drivers are expected to have zero violations.

During Operation Safe Driver Week, activities will be held across the United States, Canada and Mexico with the goal of increasing commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement, safety belt enforcement, driver roadside inspections and driver regulatory compliance.

In addition to enforcement, education is an important component of Operation Safe Driver Week. Law enforcement and transportation safety officials will offer educational and awareness safety programs to the motor carrier population and the motoring public.

Last year, during the week-long campaign, law enforcement officers pulled over 59,080 commercial vehicle drivers and car drivers for unsafe driving behaviors.

The top five warnings and citations issued to CMV drivers were: (1) speeding, (2) failure to use a safety belt, (3) failure to obey traffic control devices, (4) improper lane change, and (5) following too closely.

The top five warnings and citations issued to passenger car drivers were: (1) speeding, (2) failure to use a safety belt, (3) failure to obey a traffic control device, (4) possession/use/under the influence of alcohol, and (5) improper lane change.

Operation Safe Driver Week is sponsored by CVSA, in partnership with the FMCSA and with support from industry and transportation safety organizations, and aims to help improve the behavior of all drivers operating in an unsafe manner – either by or around commercial vehicles – and to initiate educational and enforcement strategies to address those exhibiting high-risk behaviors.

For more information please check out Operation Safe Driver.