Trucking is a challenging profession. Professional drivers often need to work long hours and drive in adverse conditions. Truck drivers are the safest drivers on the road. In fact 4 wheelers are the cause of 81% of accidents on the roads.

So why are truck drivers the kings of the road?


Simply slow down. In bad weather and in urban areas reducing travelling speed is smart and saves lives. When the vehicle weight doubles, the distance needed to stop the vehicle doubles. When travel speed doubles, stopping distance quadruples!

In poor weather slowing down will help keep the vehicle out of a slide and helps the operator react to anything unexpected.

Following Distance

Tail gating is dangerous. When the driver has space between the vehicles ahead, he/she has the needed room to slow down, stop, or escape a potential crash. It’s also safe not to freak out other drivers by tail gating with a much larger vehicle.

Timing Traffic Lights

Trucks need room to stop. When approaching traffic lights drivers are looking to see if the light is “stale.” A stale green light will turn yellow then red before the truck reaches the light. The driver can prepare in advance to slow down and stop. Actually, the driver can often time it as not to have to come to a complete stop before the light turns green again; reducing break wear and increasing fuel efficiency.

  • A few indications a light is stale are:
  • Cross walk signals are showing “Do Not Cross”
  • Traffic on the cross street is backed up, indicating their light has been red for a while

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